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DJI Spark - Best Accessories

Must Have – Spark Accessories

Got a DJI Spark? Check out this list of the top accessories for your DJI Spark mini drone. Think I’ve missed a must-have accessory? Let me know!

DJI Portable Charging Station

The DJI Spark portable charging station is the top accessory I recommend for any Spark owner. The charging station has an internal battery that is strong enough to charge a Spark battery 3 times over. It also comes equipped with USB slots to charge phones and other smart devices on the go. Lastly, it’s easy to carry with you as the drone and batteries fit right inside the station and get locked in. The portable charging station is compact, easy to pack, and a life saver when it comes to your flight time. Don’t risk a dead battery or smart device, get yourself the charging station and keep flying!

Hard Case

The DJI Spark was created to capture the most adventurous moments in your life, but they can only do that when you bring them with you! Getting yourself a hard case to protect your Spark is a no brainer. The DJI hard case comes with foam inserts to hold your Spark completely still and protect it against vibrations. The case is waterproof, weather resistant, and lightweight making it the perfect traveling accessory.  The case is able to hold your Spark, extra batteries, all of your cables, propellers, an external hard drive and the controller.

PolarPro ND Filters

If you plan on filming anything in sunny weather or adjusting your shutter speed, you need a set of Neutral Density Filters. I can’t recommend these enough. These filters help keep your footage from being overexposed, they protect against glares, and add contrast to your clips while preserving color saturation. The PolarPro ND filters clip directly on the front of the camera making them incredibly simple to apply. DJI offers three different packages: 3 pack, 6 pack or the PolarPro Vivid Collection. The filters come in ND4, ND8, and ND16 which represent the amount of “f-stops” it can reduce. It sounds complicated, but basically, if it’s sunny, put on an ND filter. If it’s super sunny, put on a higher count ND Filter. If you plan on slowing the shutter speed of your drone at all, put on an ND filter. Your film can easily be ruined by overexposure, but can just as easily be protected against it.

DJI Care Refresh

OK, this one might not be an accessory, but it’s still a 100% must. Care Refresh is a comprehensive warranty from DJI to replace your Spark in the case of an accident. It’s typically best to purchase the DJI Care Refresh after making a new purchase, but they do have an option to purchase the warranty for an existing Spark. If you crash your Spark, the Care Refresh program will replace your Spark with either a new aircraft or one that operates as if it was new. For the Spark, the Care Refresh covers the aircraft, gimbal, camera, batteries and propellers. It’s a lot cheaper than having to purchase a brand new drone, and gives you peace of mind while flying.

Remote Controller

If you’ve ever flown with a smart device, you know how challenging it can be for fine tuned movements. The remote controller gives the pilot fine tuned movements while also allowing the smart device to be used to view the live-stream feed from your camera. The controller features buttons for Returning to Home, Automatic Take-off, camera gimbal controls and buttons for instantly recording or snapping photos. Not only does the remote controller make flying easier, but it also extends the range of your flight by a substantial amount. The DJI Spark remote is very compact design featuring fold-able hand grips as well as antenna’s on the front. If you plan on manually piloting the Spark often, you need the remote.

SeaGate Fly Drive

Videos take up a lot of space on SD cards, and you don’t want to be filming something amazing only to find out you’re running out of space. The SeaGate Fly Drive is the perfect answer for a portable hard drive. It allows you to backup 60+ hours of flights with it’s monstrous 2TB storage. The Fly Drive has a Micro-SD slot for easy transfers as well as a USB-C slot. The hard drive itself is protected by a thick rubber lining making it shockproof and safe against vibrations or packed camera bags. I absolutely love being able to transfer my footage in the field and not having to worry about my SD card space. Right now, DJI is doing a promotion with the purchase of the SeaGate Fly Drive. When you purchase the Fly Drive, you will get access to 2 months of Adobe Premiere CC video editing software. 2 Months is plenty of time to churn out some awesome edits!

Extra Batteries

This may seem like an obvious one, but over the past few weeks I have talked with several DJI Spark pilots who only own one battery. I recommend having 3 at the minimum. Don’t miss out on an amazing shot for something that was so easy to pick up and pack. Having extra batteries and the portable charging station will let you enjoy flying all day and without worry. I keep 3 batteries fully charged for my Mavic Pro, rotating them on the charger as needed to ensure I always have another battery ready to go.

Propeller Guards

Propeller Guards are a great accessory for any DJI Spark owner. Propellers are typically the first to get damaged in any accident with your drone. A compromised propeller with cracks or chips will be useless. Don’t risk a small accident keeping your drone on the ground, attach some guards and stay flying. Nobody plans on crashing their drone, but it’s bound to happen eventually. Be as prepared as you can be.

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