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What's In My Bag? Cover Photo

What’s In My Bag

Hey everyone! Recently I’ve had a few readers from Instagram and the blog ask “what gear do you bring with you?”. So, today’s quick blog post will be detailing out exactly what’s in my bag. You won’t always have time to stop and pack your bag before you head out, so it’s best to keep some essentials handy in a bag to grab and go. If you have any questions or would like to see more pictures of the gear I use, let me know! Let’s get down to it, “What’s in my bag”….

My Bag: Abonnyc Camera Backpack

The large capacity makes it perfect for my travel carry-on. It’s extremely durable, comes with cross straps to provide better support, it’s weatherproof (with rain cover included), and holds a TON of equipment. I’ve been using this backpack for about a year now for hiking, biking and traveling all with no issues. The bag comes with customized padded walls to custom fit all your gear how you want it. The backpack opens from behind the straps, so you won’t have to worry about someone trying to steal gear out of it if you’re in a subway, train, etc. The front of the bag has another opening which is a perfect fit for some paperwork, a laptop and any extra cables.

My Drone: Mavic Pro

Miss my Full Review – DJI Mavic Pro? Well, It’s no secret, the Mavic Pro is hands down my favorite drone. It’s lightweight, compact and incredibly powerful in capturing stunning footage. The Mavic Pro is overly simple to put in my backpack and have ready for any adventures. I can easily fold the arms back and store it in the center of the bag. Since the bag has adjustable foam padding, I feel comfortable with the hold it has on the drone.

Laptop - Razer Blade Pro

I love to have my laptop with me for any on-the-go editing. I purchased the Razer laptop about a year ago now and couldn’t think of having anything else. The Razer Blade Pro has the intel i7 with a NVIDIA 980 graphics card. It’s super light but durable due to it’s aluminum frame. I’ve got Adobe After Effects CS6 and Premiere Pro CS6 for my editing. These programs are heavy processes but this computer handles them effortlessly. Lastly, it’s touch screen which helps me when I’m out in the field.

ND Filters: PolarPro Cinema 6 Series

If you haven’t read my recent ND Filter Review, I highly recommend every drone pilot out there to add ND Filters to their arsenal. ND Filters not only prevent glares, but add contrast, preserve natural saturation and prevent overexposed film. My recent trip to Iceland was a perfect example of someone who messed up by not having ND Filters. Most of the waterfall shots became overexposed leading to a huge problem with the post production color grading.

Camera: Sony A6000

This camera is awesome. I’m not the best photographer out there by any means, but this camera always makes my shots look so much better than expected. It’s compact, making it just as easy to pack in the bag as the Mavic Pro. I like to bring both the drone and the camera since they each serve such different purposes. I have a portrait lens and an all around use lens that I pack alongside it.

External Hard Drive: Seagate FlyDrive

It’s important to have plenty of storage available when going out filming. I personally use the SeaGate FlyDrive. It’s my most recent addition to my bag. Having 2TB storage available on the go is perfect. I’ve filled SD cards before while out camping, forcing me to frantically try and clear up some space. With the external hard drive, I no longer have to worry about the SD cards very much. I can transfer my footage on the fly.

SD Cards: 2 x 32gb

Ever since filling my Micro SD card up on a camping trip around Iceland, I have added a second card to my bag. I use 32gb as my 64gb version is sitting at the bottom of Lake Superior inside my buddy’s GoPro (Sorry Joey!). The SD cards are extremely important to have and couple perfectly with a good external hard drive.

Portable Battery Charger:

Depending on where I am heading to, I bring a portable battery charger. I use this mostly for recharging my phone and the Mavic Pro remote. The portable charger can recharge my phone about 4 times before it’s drained. This was ideal for my camping trip in Iceland. Generally, we had 4 days or so before we finally stayed in a Hostel and could recharge all our equipment.

Extra Propellers

Extra propellers are a no brainer to carry with you. They are easy to put in the bag. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to film something cool because your drone’s propellers have a crack or broke.

Extra Batteries

I purchased the Mavic Pro Fly More Package, so I’ve got 3 batteries total for my drone. I bring all 3 of them, fully charged so I don’t miss a moment of flying. I also bring 2 spare batteries for my Sony A6000.

Got something in your bag you’d recommend I add to mine? I’d love to know what it is!

Stay happy and fly safe!

Hey! My name is Mike Miller. I'm a drone enthusiast, self-proclaimed adventurer and web developer. Recently, I moved from the Tampa Bay area of Florida to the beautiful state of Colorado. I love to share what I am filming, learning, or have learned with fellow drone pilots. Follow the adventures @SkylineAperture on instagram. If you ever have any questions or want to say hello, send me a message! Have fun and fly safe!

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