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Mavic Air Essential Accessories

Mavic Air Essential Accessories

At this point, the Mavic Air has been out for a little while now. So it’s time to check out the Mavic Air Essential Accessories to see exactly which ones you should be using with this powerful little drone. If you’ve got the Mavic Air or are debating purchasing it (DO IT), you’ll definitely want to check out this quick list. Think I forgot a great accessory? Let me know!

Aluminum Tablet Holder

Whether you plan to fly your Mavic Air for fun or more professionally, consider grabbing one of these Tablet Mounts by Skyreat. The mount is able to hold a tablet or phone up to 12 inches, which is large enough for those of us who use those clunky Otterbox cases. The mount itself is made with aluminum making it durable for nearly anything you plan on doing with your remote. The mount allows pilots to use a much larger screen than originally planned by DJI with the remote. To connect the mount to your drone’s controller, you simply place the bottom piece into the “phone clamp” on the remote and secure it like you would your smart phone. It literally takes seconds to set up. With the larger screens, you can be more precise with your camera focusing, see more of the drone’s view, and adjust settings or the gimbal much easier. The mount is very affordable, coming in around $25, making it to the top of our Mavic Air Essential Accessories list today.

Hard Travel Case (Waterproof)

First, drones are expensive. Second, when we buy a drone we tend to try and bring our drone everywhere; grabbing photos and videos of everything we can. These two reasons are the primary reasons for purchasing a hard case. With custom foam inserts, tough exterior shell, and waterproof housing, your Mavic Air will sit perfectly still inside this case during your travels. The exterior of the case is incredibly hard, protecting your drone from scratches, drops, dust and if that’s not enough, it’s also waterproof. There is a pressure valve located at the front of the case as well to keep the inside of the case pressurized, further protecting your drone. If you plan on taking your drone out of your backyard, seriously consider purchasing a hard case for it. Now that I’ve been using a hard case for my drone, I couldn’t imagine not having it.

Fly Drive

Videos take up a lot of space on SD cards, and you don’t want to be filming something amazing only to find out you’re running out of space. The SeaGate Fly Drive is the perfect answer for a portable hard drive. It allows you to backup 60+ hours of flights with it’s monstrous 2TB storage. The Fly Drive has a Micro-SD slot for easy transfers as well as a USB-C slot. The hard drive itself is protected by a thick rubber lining making it shockproof and safe against vibrations or packed camera bags. I absolutely love being able to transfer my footage in the field and not having to worry about my SD card space. Right now, DJI is doing a promotion with the purchase of the SeaGate Fly Drive. When you purchase the Fly Drive, you will get access to 2 months of Adobe Premiere CC video editing software. 2 Months is plenty of time to churn out some awesome edits!

PolarPro Vivid Collection Filter 3-Pack

If you plan on filming anything in sunny weather or adjusting your shutter speed, you need a set of Neutral Density Filters. I can’t recommend these enough. These filters help keep your footage from being overexposed, they protect against glares, and add contrast to your clips while preserving color saturation. The PolarPro ND filters clip directly on the front of the camera making them incredibly simple to apply. DJI offers three different packages: 3 pack, 6 pack or the PolarPro Vivid Collection. The filters come in ND4, ND8, and ND16 which represent the amount of “f-stops” it can reduce. It sounds complicated, but basically, if it’s sunny, put on an ND filter. If it’s super sunny, put on a higher count ND Filter. If you plan on slowing the shutter speed of your drone at all, put on an ND filter. Your film can easily be ruined by overexposure, but can just as easily be protected against it. I don’t only recommend these as part of the “Mavic Air Essential Accessories” but more as “All Drone Essential Accessories”. No matter which drone you are flying, you should pick up some ND filters.

DJI Goggles

There’s no better way to get completely immersed in your flight than with the DJI Goggles. The DJI Goggles allow you to see what your drone sees through two 1920×1080 displays. The goggles can also be used in “head tracking” mode where you are actually controlling the yaw and rotation of your drone simply by looking around. The goggles might look chunky and heavy but are actually comfortable to wear and extremely easy to use. These are on the more expensive end of the accessories, but are unlike anything else on the market. With the DJI Goggles, pilots can view panoramas, listen to audio files, and watch videos directly in the goggles. Don’t be stuck staring down at a screen on your remote, use the DJI goggles and see the world from your drone’s camera.

Katana by PolarPro

The Katana, is a handheld grip which holds your Mavic Air in order to use your drone’s gimbal for shooting on the ground. Since the Katana is a handheld accessory, you can now use your drone for shooting in areas where drones are not allowed to fly: National Parks, State Parks, in houses, buildings, etc. For a long time now, drones have been used for filming real estate to get unique aerial shots of a home. Now, the drone pilot can also be the one who shoots HD or 4K stabilized footage within the home as well. Purchasing the T-Bar accessory allows you to use one hand for filming over the traditional grip which requires both hands. The Katana is lightweight, durable, easy to setup, stabilized and simple to pack in a bag. It’s definitely one of my more used accessories.

Extra Batteries

No matter what you plan to do with your Mavic Air, you’re going to need extra batteries. As a pilot, it can take some time to line up a shot or change some settings for the specific weather you’re experiencing, all while your battery is draining. Do yourself a huge favor and pick up some extra batteries. It’s no fun to sit around waiting for a battery to charge. I recommend having 3 batteries for your drone. While you are flying one, you can have another one on the charger. Don’t end the fun early, just pick up the batteries!

Care Refresh+

OK, this one might not be an accessory, but it’s still a 100% must. Care Refresh is a comprehensive warranty from DJI to replace your Mavic Air in the case of an accident. It’s typically best to purchase the DJI Care Refresh after making a new purchase, but they do have an option to purchase the warranty for an existing Air. If you crash your drone, the Care Refresh program will replace it with either a new aircraft or one that operates as if it was new. For the Air, the Care Refresh covers the aircraft, gimbal, camera, batteries and propellers. It’s a lot cheaper than having to purchase a brand new drone, and gives you peace of mind while flying. Care Refresh is absolutely one of the best on our Mavic Air Essential Accessories list. If you are buying a Mavic Air or any DJI drone, please add this to your cart. You won’t regret it.

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