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GoPro Quits Drone Market

GoPro Quits Drone Market

In a not so surprising announcement, GoPro has stated they will be leaving the drone market and stopping production of the GoPro Karma drone. The Karma was released in 2016 and priced competively at $799, but by November of 2016, all units were recalled due to faulty power issues. The power issues caused an enormous number of units to drop from the skies or shut off unexpectantly. After the recall, GoPro struggled heavily to compete with other drone makers like DJI, Parrot and Yuneec. The official statement basically said that although the Karma was the #2 drone in their market, they couldn’t make profits off the margins in the overly competitive drone market.


Not only did GoPro cut out the Karma and all future drone technology they may have been working on, but they also reduced the price of CEO Nick Woodman’s salary to $1, cut over 200 jobs, and lowered the price of the Hero 6 camera by $100 in an attempt to see better numbers in the First Quarter.


It will be interesting to watch GoPro in 2018 to see if they can overcome the financial issues they’ve been dealing with. If I was working at GoPro, I’d be strongly suggesting to push the technology behind video stabilization. The action cameras are great and can film some stunning moments, but unless you are a professional the video almost always appears shaky and unstable. GoPro has designed the Fusion camera which has “Gimbal-like” stabilization as well as the Karma Grip handheld stabilization, but I’d love to see them push this technology even further and expand it’s capabilities.


What do you think about them pulling out of the drone market? Comment below and let me know, or contact me directly

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