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DJI Spark

DJI Spark


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12 MP

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1080HD 30FPS

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2-Axis (pitch and roll)

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100m (328ft)

The DJI Spark is an incredibly impressive drone. The Spark comes RTF (ready to fly) right out of the box, letting the buyer experience the fun almost immediately. The Spark is extremely small in size, fitting easily on top of your hand which is great when using the automatic takeoff and landing features since it flies right out of your hand.

The camera on the Spark is stunning; capturing high quality images with a simple press of a button. It also comes equipped with a 2-axis mechanical gimbal. Meaning it will keep your footage completely stable during pitch and roll movements. There is a package offered from DJI that comes with the controller upgrade. The controller will allow you to control the drone easier and can hold a full array of smart devices to live stream straight from the Spark. Curious about other accessories? Check out our review of the Must Have Spark Accessories.


  • Automatic Take-off & Landing from the palm of your hand (toss it in the air!)
  • Compact Design for traveling
  • Control Spark with Hand Gestures
  • Panoramic and Shallow Focus Camera Modes
  • 2-Axis gimbal to stabilize Pitch and Roll movements
  • 1080HD at 30FPS Recording
  • 12 MP camera
  • 720HD Live Stream to Smart Device
  • Failsafe landing (if you lose connection)
  • Low Battery warnings
  • Visual Positioning System to hold it’s position

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Automatic Flight Modes (QuickShot)


Rocket Mode will ascend the drone directly upward while the camera is pointing downward. Rocket mode is one that a pilot could do pretty simply manually, but it's nice to know you can focus more on the camera shot rather than the flight controls.


Dronie will fly the drone backward and upward while the camera is locked on the subject. Dronie shots make for some captivating clips that reveal the scenery around the subject. I've found it works well when I am hiking and want to show off my surroundings.


The third QuickShot mode is Circle, which will circle around the subject at a specific height. This flight mode doesn't disappoint and is another entertaining way to reveal the scenery around the subject.


Last but not least is Helix, which will fly the drone upward and spiral around the subject. Helix is similar to Circle, but rather than staying at a fixed height and distance, the drone will start close to the subject and fly further out in a spiral path rather than a complete circle.


TapFly is another feature inside the Spark. TapFly lets the pilot tap the screen to pilot the drone around while maintaining a constant altitude. I personally fly with a controller, so I don't use TapFly very often, but it's nice to know the option is there.


ActiveTrack has two flight modes, Trace and Profile. Both of these will follow a subject, but with Trace the subject can be tracked from the front, behind or even be circled. With Profile, the subject gets tracked from a fixed view. I use ActiveTrack a lot, and can say it's hands down my favorite automatic feature out there. The Trace setting is perfect for action sports like biking, driving, snowboarding, etc. Trace allows the pilot to focus on the shot and subject rather than worrying about the manual flying.

Final Thoughts

The DJI Spark exceeds expectations. The 2-axis gimbal is excellent for making sure footage remains completely stable and the amount of automatic features packed in to it are unrivaled. The Spark is the perfect size for traveling, hiking, or anything on the go. Another selling point for me was the controller upgrade. Being able to control the drone easier and see more flight metrics all while extending the distance the drone can fly is fantastic. At the end of the day, having a 2-axis gimbal, long battery life, loads of automatic features, and an excellent controller available makes the DJI Spark a perfect choice. If you have any questions or would like to know anything I didn’t cover, let me know!

Hey! My name is Mike Miller. I'm a drone enthusiast, self-proclaimed adventurer and web developer. Recently, I moved from the Tampa Bay area of Florida to the beautiful state of Colorado. I love to share what I am filming, learning, or have learned with fellow drone pilots. Follow the adventures @SkylineAperture on instagram. If you ever have any questions or want to say hello, send me a message! Have fun and fly safe!

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