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DJI Mavic Series - Nanuk 920 Hard Case

Nanuk 920 Hard Case – DJI Mavic Series

First Impressions

Simply put, it's amazing. My brother has described it best so far, ``it's like the cases they use for the nuclear launch codes``. The first things I noticed about the Nanuk case was the high quality build, compact design, and it’s locking mechanism to keep it sealed. Right of the bat, I could tell this case was exactly what I had been hoping for, durable, compact, easy to carry/load, and a tight fit to secure my drone components. I have no fears about using this case on a plane or for any sort of international travel. I've been using this case for the past 2 weeks, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. Check out why.

What Fits Inside?

- DJI Mavic Pro
- 5 Batteries (with 1 being left in the drone)
- Remote Control
- All Necessary Charging Cables
- Smart Device or External Hard Drive (I fit DJI Fly Drive inside)
- Extra Propellers
- PolarPro ND Filters
- Papers, photos, maps, trailguides, etc, can easily fit behind the lid foam.


Custom Foam Cutouts

The Nanuk comes fitted with custom foam inserts that hold your gear completely in place. There isn't any wobbling going on since the foam cutouts are precisely designed for this specific gear. The foam is covered by a 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects. The cutout for the remote controller may be my favorite design aspect of this case. The controller cutout is a tight fit and securely holdes the thumbsticks from being able to move around. With this case, there is not a need for those thumbstick locking accessories (if you use a backpack or the like, I still recommend those). Lastly, the top foam piece that is located in the top lid of the case is removable, allowing for small or flat objects to lay behind it. It's a great place to store things like Microfiber cloths, propellers, paperwork, etc.

Lockable Latches

The case is equipped with two ``Powerclaw`` latches that require you to slide a lock down to unlock them. These latches keep the case securely closed and waterproof. The latches can also be padlocked shut if you wish (padlocks not included with case, but perfect for TSA approved padlocks). Since the latches are equipped with a slide lock, the case won't pop open when dropped or knocked around, which is something I was worried about when looking into cases.

Water, Shock, Dust & Pressure

The Nanuk 920 hard case is fully dustproof and waterproof rated up to 1meter (3.28 ft). Lets be honest, you don't want to even think about submerging your drone under water, but it's great to know that it can handle it. The foam inserts as well as the case being built out of NK-7 Resin allows the Nanuk 920 to be shockproof, keeping your gear safe if the case were to be dropped or knocked around. Lastly, the Nanuk 920 is designed to protect against pressure. Pressure isn't something you'd typically think about, but it's great to know Nanuk did. The 920 comes with an automatic purge valve which will equalize pressure inside the case when travelling. The purge valve is located directly under the handle, and took me quite a bit to realize what it actually was. When the case is open, there is a small square shaped cavity which is the air vent for the automatic purge valve, so you don't want to block this.

Final Thoughts

If you've already bought a Mavic series drone (Pro or Air), you know they are costly. Don't go out and buy a knock-off case to protect something as important as your drone. This case has everything you'd need: Strong build, durable materials, lightweight, waterproof, locking latches, dustproof, custom foam cutouts, etc. If you plan on taking your drone traveling with you, I highly recommend picking this case up. It's great to know your gear is protected, locked, and all in one place.

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