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PolarPro Katana - Handheld stable video for DJI Drones

Review: Katana By PolarPro

Today we’re reviewing one of my newly acquired accessories, the PolarPro Katana. Spoiler Alert: it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite accessories. For the past two weeks, I’ve been taking it snowboarding with me to get some practice with it, and I’m loving it. If you’ve got one, I’d love to see what you’ve filmed with it –  @SkylineAperture! As always, if you have any questions about the product, drones, or just want to say hello, Contact Me!

What Is The Katana?

The Katana, is a handheld grip which holds your Mavic Pro, Mavic Platinum, or Spark in order to use your drone’s gimbal for shooting on the ground. Since the Katana is a handheld accessory, you can now use your drone for shooting in areas where drones are not allowed to fly: National Parks, State Parks, in houses, buildings, etc. For a long time now, drones have been used for filming real estate to get unique aerial shots of a home. Now, the drone pilot can also be the one who shoots HD or 4K stabilized footage within the home as well. Purchasing the T-Bar accessory allows you to use one hand for filming over the traditional grip which requires both hands.

PolarPro Katana - One of the top accessories for DJI Drones
  • Lightweight and Durable.
  • Great for filming in “No Fly Zones”.
  • Stabilized shooting from the ground.
  • Perfect for Real Estate or indoor shooting.
  • Excellent for filming action sports or panning shots.
  • Size makes it easy to use and pack.
  • Phone mount included for seeing what you shoot.
  • New Grip Accessories to change up how you hold the drone.
  • T-Bar Accessory allows One-Hand filming.

Traditional Grip basically requires 2 hands when filming or gets heavy, so get the T-Bar accessory.

First Time:

Quick video using the Katana for the first time while snowboarding. Need to tweak the settings for shooting, but loving the stability.

How Does It Work?

The setup and preparation for using the Katana is actually pretty simple, and gets easier after the first time using it.

  1. Remove Drone Propellers
  2. Change to WiFi Mode (switch located by SD Card on drone)
  3. Get the drone WiFi code (located on QR sticker on the side of the drone)
  4. Place drone and mount in the Katana, tightening the hold to secure the drone.
  5. Connect phone to drone WiFi, and instantly stream what you shoot.

There’s no need for the remote, as your smart device is used to adjust the gimbal, settings, etc. After taking your drone out of the Katana, make sure to switch it back out of WiFi mode for your next flight with the remote!

Final Thoughts

The Katana is quickly becoming a staple in my grab bag of gear. It’s been incredibly easy to use for hiking, snowboarding and I love being able to film inside National Parks, and other No Fly Zones without having to worry about shaky footage from an iPhone. I highly recommend picking up this accessory, and would really recommend grabbing the T-Bar version as it allows you to film with one hand rather than needing both hands. If you plan on using the Katana for an extended period of time, do yourself a favor and grab the T-bar version so you aren’t limited to holding the drone up in front of you the entire time. The ease of use, size, durability, and being able to film stable shots from the ground in No Fly Zones really make this accessory worth having.

Hey! My name is Mike Miller. I'm a drone enthusiast, self-proclaimed adventurer and web developer. Recently, I moved from the Tampa Bay area of Florida to the beautiful state of Colorado. I love to share what I am filming, learning, or have learned with fellow drone pilots. Follow the adventures @SkylineAperture on instagram. If you ever have any questions or want to say hello, send me a message! Have fun and fly safe!

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